Patient-Centered Decision Making Lab

About Our Lab

The Patient-Centered Decision Making Lab uses a variety of methods and frameworks to measure values and preferences with the goal of improving healthcare services and quality for patients and families. The lab is dedicated to research that is patient-centered and aims to incorporate the patient and caregiver perspective in decision-making, as well as all aspects of healthcare, research and policy.

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PF: Development and Prioritization of Pulmonary Fibrosis Topics

Treatment Decision Making in Pediatric Orthopedics 

ALS Healthcare Delivery Models and Costs 

Decision Making in Lung Transplant 

News and Highlights

Hollin awarded grant to build decision-making tool on lung transplants _ College of Public Health.pdf

Hollin awarded NIH grant to build decision-making tool on lung transplants

are-price disclosures in prescritpion drug ads useful PRINT EDITION FALL 2022 pg18-19[33].pdf

Price disclosure in prescription drug research featured in College of Public Health news

Hollin et al._2022.pdf

Recent systematic review of Best-Worst Scaling publications focused on prioritizing objects in health published in Pharmacoeconomics


Current opinion about role preferences in medical decision making published in The Patient